Bitterly cold weather swallows northern US

Bitterly cold weather has taken hold of much of the northern United States and is expected to stay put for days to come as two Minnesota cities have already set record low temperatures, and a city in Pennsylvania continues to dig out from a record snowfall.

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The National Weather Service reported International Falls, Minn., the self-proclaimed Icebox of the Nation, plunged to 37 degrees below zero, breaking the old record of 32 below set in 1924. Hibbing, Minn., bottomed out at 28 below, breaking the old record of 27 below set in 1964.

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Wind chill advisories or warnings are in effect for much of New England, northern Pennsylvania and New York. Those places and states in the northern Plains and Great Lakes area were projected to see highs in the teens or single digits and lows below zero for the rest of the week and into the new year.

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People in Erie, Pa., continued to dig out from a storm that dumped 34 inches of snow on Christmas Day, smashing the daily snowfall record for the Great Lakes city of 8 inches, and 26.5 more inches on Tuesday. More than 65 inches total fell on the city in just a few days.

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Officials said the storm’s timing was good, since people were off the streets and staying home for Christmas, giving plows more space to safely clear the streets.

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