Cargill to demolish silos, headhouse in Sidney

Over the next year Cargill plans to demolish more than a dozen silos and the headhouse built more than 50 years years ago in Sidney.

Demolition of Building 2, which includes 12 silos created to hold 89,000 bushels of grain, is scheduled to begin later this year. The building as constructed in 1967 by Landmark. Another large metal silo the was built in 1975 to hold 320,000 bushels of grain will also be torn down.

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“We are eager to watch the landscape transformation that will take place as part of the Sidney Cargill Crush Expansion Project,” said Sidney Mayor Mike Barhorst. “This project represents an investment of more than $225 million in Sidney.”

In the spring of 2021 demolition efforts will continue with Building 3, which was built in 1955, and the headhouse.

“Cargill’s continued investment in Sidney represents their commitment not only to the area’s agricultural community, but to consumers around the globe,” Barhorst said. “The expansion currently underway will help Cargill meet the growing demand for protein and refined oils.”

The former Landmark site accepted its first load of grain at the Sidney location on Aug. 15, 1956. Twenty years later, in 1978, the company was shipping 100-car trains of grain.

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On April 1, 1989, Landmark sold the property to Countrymark and the facility was sold again in March 2016 to Sunrise Cooperative. Cargill purchased the property on June 11, 2019 to give the company better rail access and additional space for grain trucks to unload.

“Since Cargill began operating their soybean crush plant in Sidney in 1978, they have been outstanding corporate citizens,” Barhorst said. “Cargill has contributed to numerous good causes within the Sidney community. Those causes have ranged from feeding the hungry, education and literacy to recreation and public health.”

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