Clues sought for missing Miamisburg woman after year of police probe

Police are seeking more clues from the public on the one-year anniversary since they began investigating the disappearance of a Miamisburg woman.

Despite numerous extensive searches involving state and federal law enforcement, Chelsey Coe’s whereabouts has remained a mystery to Miamisburg police since she was reported missing Sept. 24, 2017, a week before her 26th birthday.

Coe’s mother, Shula Woodworth, is expected today to renew a plea for public aid in supplying information to help her get closure in the case of her daughter, who said she grew up in Warren County on the outskirts of Lebanon before graduating from Springboro High School.

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“Of course being a mom, I would like closure,” Woodworth has said. “ I would like to know what happened. But that’s not up to me.”

A news conference at the Miamisburg Police Department allowing Woodworth to request the public’s help, Miamisburg Sgt. Jeff Muncy said, will yield new, solid information about Coe, who was last seen in June 2017.

“I am hoping that a direct plea from the family, after a year, would get someone to call in with information,” said Muncy, head of Miamisburg’s detectives.

Anyone with information they believe would be helpful to the case is asked to call Muncy at 937-847-6612.

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He said this spring authorities had a person of interest, but it yielded no charges. A handful of searches – many involving the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the FBI – have resulted in no firm leads.

A multi-day extensive examination and excavation in May of her last known address on Lower Miamisburg Road and surrounding properties turned up evidence, but little more.

In July, authorities closed Sugarcreek MetroPark in Greene County for much of three days as they combed through hundreds of acres. The latest effort came earlier this month as searchers returned to a Lower Miamisburg residence.

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That effort coincided with authorities finding human remains on the property of a Moraine home. That sparked confusion with Woodworth, Muncy said, before Gilbert Todd Revere, 57, was charged in connection the case of Michelle Burgan, a Middletown woman reported missing in May 2017.

“Different people communicated with her that several bodies were found and somebody said that Chelsey was found,” Muncy said. “Of course, none of that was true.”

Since the investigation began, Muncy has said he has interviewed dozens of witnesses and has “done a ton of search warrants regarding electronic devices and phone records.”

When she was reported missing, Coe was described as 5-foot-7, 150 pounds with blue eyes, blonde hair with a “Love” tattoo on her hip, and one of stars on her lower back, according to police.


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