NEW DETAILS: Investigators seal records in Chelsey Coe disappearance after 14-hour search

Miamisburg police are continuing their investigation into the disappearance of Chelsey Coe, a woman missing since September, that prompted at search of a Lower Miamisburg Road property Tuesday.

  • Police: No plans to return to search site Wednesday
  • FBI, Ohio BCI involved in Tuesday's search on Lower Miamisburg Road
  • Mother wants closure 'to say goodbye the right way'

UPDATE @ 1:45 p.m.: 

More than a dozen federal, state and local law enforcement officers were part of the search Tuesday for clues involving Chesley Coe.

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FIRST REPORT: FBI, BCI, police search Miamisburg property seeking answers into missing woman

The search of the property at 551 Lower Miamisburg Road involved at least six members of the Miamisburg Police Department, including those on traffic detail, according to Sgt. Jeff Muncy.

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Police Chief John Sedlak and three detectives were on-site at the property, Muncy said.

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The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation had five staff members on scene, including three scene agents, a special agent supervisor and an intelligence analyst, according to the Ohio attorney general’s office.

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The FBI had at least two agents on scene, and all of its personnel were members of the evidence response team, a bureau spokesman said.

UPDATE @ 11:20 a.m.: 

Court documents filed in the search involving Chelsey Coe will not be released publicly, according to Miamisburg Municipal Court.

“Any and all” search warrants filed with the court have been sealed, a spokeswoman for the municipal court clerk’s office said this morning.

She could not say how many warrants were involved or when they were filed.

UPDATE @ 9:50 a.m. (May 2): 

Investigators do not have plans to return Wednesday to a Lower Miamisburg Road property to continue their investigation into the disappearance of Chelsey Coe, a Miamisburg police detective said Wednesday morning.

“Information and items gathered from the scene yesterday will hopefully assist us as the investigation continues,” Detective J.S. Muncy said.

“This is an ongoing investigation and the Miamisburg Police Department is committed to locating Chelsey Coe.” 

Muncy urges anyone with information that could help investigators to call police at 937-847-6612.

FIRST REPORT (9:30 a.m. May 2):

A Miamisburg property federal, state and local authorities are focusing on in a search for evidence of a missing woman is quiet this morning after a 14-hour investigation there Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the mother of Chelsey Coe said she wants closure, regardless of what authorities find at 551 Lower Miamisburg Road.

FBI, Ohio BCI and other investigators joined Miamisburg police at the home Tuesday, seeking clues about Coe.

She was 25 last September, when her mother reported her missing.

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"Closure is what I need right now," said Shula Woodworth. "I need that as a mom. If she is dead, then I guess kind of - I don't know- I kind of want them to find her because I want closure."

Crews used ground penetrating radar, back hoes and jackhammers Tuesday in their search.

We have reached out to Miamisburg police this morning about their plans with the investigation, but have not heard back.

An FBI spokesman in Cincinnati on Tuesday referred questions about the search to Miamisburg police.

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