Coronavirus: Greene County at red alert level for first time

Greene County moved up to alert level 3, or red, for the first time since Ohio unveiled its Public Health Advisory System in June.

Level 3 indicates a very high exposure and spread of coronavirus. The state recommends that residents limit activities as much as possible.

To move up to level 3, counties must meet four or five of the seven data indicators. A county will remain at level 3 until it meets less than four indicator and it drops below the CDC high incidence threshold of more than 100 cases per 100,000 people over a two-week period.

Since the health advisory system was implemented in July, Greene County has primarily been at level 2, or orange. For one week in early July the county was at level 1, yellow.

Beavercreek schools, Greene County’s largest school district, will back off their in-person classes to two days per week as a result of the news.

Beavercreek was one of a handful of districts to tie their back-to-school plan to the Health Advisory System. The district would move all students back fully online if Greene County moved to the “purple” health alert level. It would move students back to five days in-person if the county went back to “orange.”

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