Coronavirus: Montgomery County exceeds 30,000 total cases

Montgomery County has surpassed the 30,000 total coronavirus case mark, reporting 10,000 cases within less than a month.

Throughout the pandemic, the county has reported 30,147 total cases, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Montgomery County hit the 20,000 case mark just before Thanksgiving.

COVID-19 surged cases an hospitalizations surged throughout Ohio in November. Last month, Montgomery County recorded more than 9,500 cases.

Montgomery County has the fourth highest number of total cases in the state, falling behind Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties. Summit County, which has the fifth highest number of total cases, has reported 22,903 as of Wednesday, according to ODH.

About a sixth of Montgomery County’s cases (5,498) were reported in people ages 20-29, the highest for any age group. Ages 30-39 account for 4,491 cases with ages 50-59 rounding out the top three age groups reporting 4,471 cases.

Though young adults account for most cases in the county, they’re less likely to be hospitalized or die from the virus.

Ages 60 and older make up more than half of Montgomery County’s 2,619 total hospitalizations and 268 of the county’s 306 deaths.

While the first shipment of coronavirus vaccines arriving in Ohio is a hopeful occasion, Gov. Mike DeWine has stressed that Ohioans continue to follow health guidelines.

“While there is good reason to be optimistic about the vaccine, we still must work to slow the spread until enough Ohioans can be vaccinated to prevent overwhelming our hospitals,” he said Tuesday.

With the state receiving limited doses of vaccines each week, it will take months to administer the vaccine.

Currently, Ohio is in Phase 1A of its vaccination distribution plan, which prioritizes health care workers and staff and residents at congregate care facilities.

Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County Commissioner Jeff Cooper said Wednesday that an estimate 50-60,000 people in Montgomery County fall within Phase 1A guidelines. The agency’s fist batch of vaccines, which is expected to arrive next week, will contain just over 3,000 doses.

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