Accused kitten killer denied reduction in bond

Ernest Burton, a resident of Curtis Street, asked Judge Mark Wall to reduce the $8,000 bond keeping him in jail and allow him to pay his rent and seek medical attention for a cancerous tumor on his ear.

“I’d just take a pocketknife and cut it off,” Burton said. “That’d be quicker.”

Police say Burton killed at least one kitten his ex-girlfriend left behind when she moved out of their apartment. Burton was reportedly shirtless, covered in blood and holding a knife when police arrested him on April 14.

Police reportedly found blood splatters on the steps leading to Burton’s residence, on his front door and all over the floor of his apartment. Outside of the apartment was the kitten, which police said appeared to have been beaten to death. A baseball bat and lock-blade knife were found in the apartment.

Burton has been held at the Middletown city jail on charges of cruelty to animals, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct.

When Burton was being placed into a police cruiser following his arrest, according to the police report he said, “When Judge Wall lets me out I will be twice as bad and kill twice as many cats.”

He was more subdued in court Friday, telling Judge Wall he appreciates the fact that “Wall has always let me go and trusted me.”

Prosecutor Daniel Allnutt asked Wall to not reduce Burton’s bond, but said he would be amenable to a temporary release if Burton required extensive medical attention for his tumor.

Wall set a disposition date of May 21 at 1:30 p.m., when attorney Ken Crehan said Burton would enter a plea. Crehan said Burton still has a pending court case out of Butler County for alleged breaking and entering.

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