Attorney general speaks out on Brock Turner case

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Brock Turner’s sexual assault case is not isolated, and he said parents need to have discussions with their children about obtaining consent before sex.

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“If we think this is an isolated case, we’re wrong,” DeWine said. “Every weekend, and sometimes during the week, there are parties with young kids with alcohol and things like this that are occurring.”

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“It makes no difference whether it’s an athlete or some kid who is not in the spotlight,” DeWine said. “The law is blind to that. The law has to treat them equally.”

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DeWine acknowledged he was not part of the case, but said his read of media reports about the Brock Turner trial concerns him.

“One of the many things that is bothersome is his (Brock Turner’s) lack of taking responsibility,” DeWine said. “I think that’s one of the things that – it’s just an example of the cultural problem we have, where digital penetration is not considered by some to be rape. They’re wrong, it is. It’s an invasion of the victim.”

Referencing reporting by the Dayton Daily News, DeWine said Ohio schools like Oakwood High School need to better teach consent. But he said the responsibility is not all on school districts.

“I will tell you in most schools it’s not (being discussed), and it needs to be,” “Not only does it need to be discussed in schools, it needs to be discussed in homes.”