Police increasing patrols following Dayton Mall carjacking

Police released more details about a car stolen at gunpoint at the Dayton Mall Saturday afternoon.

The car is a black 2012 Buick Regal with four doors and chrome wheels. It also has tinted windows and a sunroof, according to Miami Twp. police.

The license plate is GQA6783.

Anyone who see the car should immediately call police at 937-225-4357.

Police said they will be making policing changes around the Dayton Mall for the holiday shopping season due to the carjacking.

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“That’s very bold. That’s also very rare,” Pat McCoy of the Miami Twp. Police Department said of the carjacking Saturday afternoon near the Macy’s entrance. “We don’t have that that often at all. Even after dark those things are rare.”

Police say they are getting closer to identifying a suspect.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season already is in full swing around the Dayton Mall.

“I’m off this week so I’m definitely off to get done what I can,” Susie Cioffredi of Miami Twp. said.

“I’m ducking out on my lunch break, trying to get a little bit done here and there a little bit at a time,” Bryant Bolden of Riverside said.

In the middle of the rush, a woman told Miami Twp. police she had her car stolen at gunpoint Saturday afternoon in broad daylight.

It’s a surprise to shoppers.

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“In the middle of the day around here? Yeah, I could see that happening but that’s surprising,” Bolden said.

Unrelated to the carjacking, Miami Twp. police starting Thursday and through New Year’s day will have extra patrols around the Dayton Mall, at Austin Landing and other retail hubs in the township.

It will double police presence to help with traffic and to deter crime.

During peak holiday shopping, retail traffic easily can triple the community’s population.

“Right now, our population, including the city of Miamisburg, 30,000 give or take. When you see the holiday shopping sprees and everything going on, it’s common to see between 50- and 100,000 people here in Miami Twp.,” McCoy said.

It’s extra work for the police department, which shoppers said they appreciate.

“I think it’s excellent. I think we can use as much security as we can get,” Cioffredi said.

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“I’m all for that,” Bolden said. “Anything to alleviate the traffic on the holidays and Black Friday.”

We will follow the story to report any updates in the case. Check for the latest news at the WHIO News App.

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