Dayton officer’s shooting death: Judge orders suspect to remain jailed

Cahke Cortner

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Cahke Cortner

A federal judge denied a motion by one of the suspects in a Dayton detective’s death, saying that he couldn’t be assured the community was safe with the defendant out of jail.

Cahke Cortner asked the court to reconsider his detention as he awaits trial in connection to the shooting death of DEA agent and Dayton police detective Jorge Del Rio. Del Rio died in November after being shot in the face while conducting a drug raid at a home on Ruskin Road in Dayton.

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Cortner is charged along with co-defendants Nathan Goddard and Lionel Combs III. Cortner is not accused of pulling the trigger and killing Del Rio, however, he is charged with multiple counts that carry potential death sentences in the case.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Rose said in his order on Tuesday that Cortner’s charges come with a presumption in favor of detention and the defense did not overcome that presumption. Cortner’s defense lawyer Dennis Lieberman argued last month that Cortner’s stable work history, his roots in Dayton and his lack of criminal history proved he should be let out of jail pending trial.

The state rebutted that argument, saying that Cortner is a danger to the community.

“In light of said presumption and considering the total nature and circumstances of the offenses charged, their seriousness, as well as what appears to be the weight of the evidence against defendant, the court finds there are no condition or combination of conditions that would reasonably assure the appearance of defendant as required and the safety of the community,” Rose said in his order.

Combs is due in court today as he is also seeking to get out of jail.

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