‘I did not know it was illegal’: Mom who let young son get tattoo in home

The Logan County mom who let her young son get a tattoo in a private home changed her plea in the case and was sentenced on Friday morning.

Nikki Dickinson, 34, previously entered a guilty plea on a child endangering charge.

The maximum penalty she faced for the charge was six months in jail and/or $1,000 fine.

The charges were filed after police investigated a viral Facebook video of a 16-year-old teen tattooing Dickinson’s 10-year-old in a private home.

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Dickinson changed her plea to guilty — but before Judge Ann Beck handed down a sentence, Dickinson wanted to say a few words. Her interpreter spoke to the judge.

“I was not trying to put my son in danger,” she said. “I did not know it was illegal or against the law to do the tattoo at home because growing up, I had experienced that myself and I just did not realize the law.”

Dickinson’s attorney, Addie King, told the judge her client has a very limited criminal history and said she admits she made a very big mistake. King said Dickinson said she was worn down by her son constantly asking to get a tattoo, and she just finally gave in.

A 90-day jail sentence was suspended in the case — Judge Beck gave Dickinson two years of probation. As part of her sentence, Dickinson will also have to go through a parenting class and a first aid class.

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She will also have to pay a $550 fine, as well as court costs.

After sentencing, Bellefontaine City Prosecutor Daniel Carey said the state laws regarding tattooing are in place to limit the chance of injury and infection.

“It doesn’t matter how many times a child asks, begs or how badly a child wants to do something,” he said. “A parent has to show good judgment in what activities they let their kids do.”

King declined to comment.

The 16-year-old tattoo artist is also facing two misdemeanor charges for the incident.

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