Doctors paint different pictures of accused Kettering teen killer

Two psychologists came to different conclusions Wednesday in a hearing to decide if a 17-year-old will be tried as an adult on murder and other charges in the death of a Kettering Fairmont High School student.

Montgomery County Juvenile Court Dr. Laura Fujimura said Kylen Jamal Gregory would not be amenable to youth treatment, calling him “manipulative” and “aggressive” and suggesting that his willingness to seek help is not genuine.

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Dr. Michael Williams said otherwise, countering that the Kettering teen he was asked by the defense to evaluate shows signs of immaturity, hostility and rebellion that could be better addressed by care “more likely to be provided” in juvenile court.

Gregory is accused of fatally shooting 16-year-old Ronnie Bowers on Sept. 4 on Willowdale Avenue after both left AlterFest in Kettering’s first gun-related homicide since 2007.

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Fujimura and Williams were among 10 witnesses in a hearing to see whether the case will be transferred to adult court at the request of prosecutors. The hearing will resume July 7 as prosecutors say they plan to call more witnesses.

“As a broad perspective,” Fujimura said, “what I have found through contact with collateral sources such as his parents, the teachers in the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center school and also talking with individuals who have assessed him, there seems to be a pattern of inconsistent information that is reported.”

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“Kylen tells individuals different information at different times and — depending on who that individual is, and how Kylen perceives that that individual may or may not be helpful to him — information has often been inconsistent,” Fujimura said.

That type of behavior, she said, causes her to question whether juvenile treatment will be successful. Additionally, Fujimura said Gregory has expressed a sense of entitlement, which she called “a relatively consistent theme” with him.

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“An individual who has an air of entitlement doesn’t readily accept the consequences or punishment” for their actions, she said.

But Williams said his examination showed a teen who lacked social behavioral skills, felt inadequate, inferior and insecure with “a tendency to lack self-confidence” being “a follower and not a leader.”

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“He also tended toward passivity and submissiveness in social situations, social interactions,” Williams said. “Although he was gregarious and liked being around people, he was an individual that exhibited an … amount of self-consciousness and immaturity – and showed a marked need for attention, approval and acceptance from others,” he added.

“He appeared to have been prone to anxiety, apprehensiveness and tension, as well as to be a bit self-critical with a tendency to overreact to stress,” Williams said. Gregory was “inclined to be energetic and extroverted and talkative, he also showed some signs of hyperactivity.”

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A 17- and a 15-year-old testified earlier this year that Gregory fired a shot toward the back of Bowers’ car as the victim sought to drive away to avoid the dispute on Willowdale. They told similar stories of a ongoing dispute being rekindled earlier that night at AlterFest.

They testified as part of a plea agreement and are now serving maximum sentences in juvenile custody. Willowdale resident Colleen Mallory told the court Tuesday her family had just returned from AlterFest after 8 p.m. that night when she heard loud noise outside.

Mallory said she went out to the street and called 911 after hearing a “boom and a bang.”


“It was very quick,” she said.

Mallory said she later went to the driver’s side of the car, saw blood and glass on Bowers, and touched his neck to check for a pulse.


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