Father murder and missing child case: 5 things we’ve learned recently

Jacob Caldwell was missing for about a year after he and two of his brothers saw the Aug. 15, 2017 shooting death of his father, Robert “Bobby” Caldwell. Since Jacob’s disappearance, six people were federally indicted related to the shooting.

Those indicted include alleged shooter Sterling Roberts, Tawnney Thomas (Robert Caldwell’s ex-wife and Sterling’s girlfriend), plus Chance Deakin and Christopher Roberts (both brothers of Sterling), Chandra Harmon (Tawnney’s mother) and James Harmon (Chandra’s husband).

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Several developments have happened recently. Among them:

1. Jacob Caldwell was found in a Miami Twp. home: Jacob was found in the basement of a home that also included four adults. No one has been charged for harboring Jacob. An FBI spokesman said Thursday that the $15,000 reward for information about Jacob was being processed to be paid to a tipster.

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2. A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim's widow came to light: Lisa Thomas (Tawnney's aunt) and Staci (Tawnney's cousin) were named as part of an alleged conspiracy to aid in the murder attempts on Bobby's life. Caldwell's widow, Candice, also named Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer, Det. Kelly Edwards and a "Jane Doe" 911 dispatcher.

3. All search warrants, affidavits and returns have been sealed: A Miamisburg Municipal Court judge sealed local law enforcement documents about the house where Jacob was found. Federal court records show dozens of search warrants in the criminal case also have been shielded from public inspection.

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4. Jacob told a judge that he didn't want to stay with his grandmother: Jacob was to be kept in custody and ordered not to have contact with his mother's family because prosecutors think they may be responsible for his disappearance. Jacob told a Greene County Juvenile Court judge he just didn't want to stay with Sally DeThomas, his paternal grandmother who had custody of Jacob and his brothers after Bobby's death.

5. Jacob had run away at least twice before in July 2017: Beavercreek police records show Jacob left school and left Candice while at a store. Both times, he told police he didn't want to live with his father, who recently had won custody of all three children after a contentious, four-year battle involving a divorce.

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