Guilty verdict: 7 things learned from Miamisburg teacher’s teen sex trial

Jurors today found a former Miamisburg Middle School teacher guilty of at all charges that she had sexual contact with an eighth-grade student in her classroom.

Jessica Langford, 32, of Centerville, was on trial on six counts of sexual battery and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Prosecutors said the incidents happened on the last day of school in May 2017.

The teen, now 15, took the witness stand Thursday morning and provided details about the alleged encounter, which prosecutors said happened in Langford’s classroom before school behind a locked door and with the lights out.

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Here are seven things that came from Langford’s trial:

1. REACTION As the guilty verdicts were read, Langford fell into her chair and sobbed. Langford arrived in court Friday afternoon to hear the verdict, hugging family members and appearing to cry before the jury entered the room.

2. WITNESSES About a dozen witnesses testified this week. The defense, however, did not present any witnesses, instead asking the judge to dismiss the case. The judge declined.

3. TEACHERS TESTIFY Miamisburg Middle School teacher Bryn Tidwell testified about "odd" requests by Langford involving the teen accuser, who was not among the defendant's students. Miamisburg Middle School social studies teacher Kevin Osborne testified he saw Langford and the student accuser together in the school's hallway before the start of classes on May 23 and reported it to Principal Kelly Thomas. Jurors viewed surveillance camera video taken outside of Langford's classroom on the morning of May 23.

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4. PRINCIPAL TESTIFIES Thomas, the school principal, also testified a report she filed on Langford regarding the defendant's actions on May 23 made no mention of Langford's door being locked when Thomas tried to open it with Langford inside that morning before school.

5. TEEN ACCUSER, FATHER TESTIFY The father of the teen accuser testified that his son told him the student had sex with Langford and the father filing a police report the day after about the incident. The teen accuser testified in detail about having sex with Langford in her classroom on the morning of May 23. He also admitted to lying afterward about his involvement with Langford.

6. CRIME SCENE Defense attorney Lawrence Greger raised questions to various witnesses about Langford's classroom not being treated as a crime scene.

7. QUESTIONING CREDIBILITY Greger also questioned the credibility of the teen accuser's testimony. The teen initially told the court he did not help with a pizza party in Langford's classroom, but corrected his testimony after a surveillance video showed he had assisted.


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