Hearing for sub accused of fondling himself continued until next week

UPDATE @ 2:15 p.m.:

After a lengthy meeting behind closed doors, the municipal prosecutor and defense team agreed to continue the Tracey Abraham case one more week.

Abraham is the Fairfield substitute teacher accused of fondling himself with students in a classroom at Creekside Elementary on Nilles Road.

When asked why the continuation, Fairfield Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Oelrich said, “I’m not going to answer that.”

The defense team met privately well into the 1 p.m. hearing, and then the defense attorneys and Oelrich met with Fairfield Municipal Court Judge Joyce Campbell for about a half hour.

The case will be continued at 1 p.m. Monday, April 1, according to court records.


The defense attorney for a substitute teacher accused of fondling himself in a classroom will continue to argue that statements his client made to police, including an admission of guilt, should be dismissed because of a lack of mental understanding.

Fairfield Municipal Court Judge Joyce Campbell continued on Thursday the hearing on a motion to suppress filed by attorney Louis Sirkin. He asked that statements his client, Tracey Abraham, 41, made to police admitting he fondled himself on Jan. 8 in a classroom filled with students at Creekside Middle School on Nilles Road in Fairfield not be allowed.

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Abraham, of Cincinnati, was arrested for public indecency, a first-degree misdemeanor, at the Fairfield Police Department after police said he fondled himself in the classroom. But Sirkin said Abraham did not understand what was happening during his two interviews with police officers.

In Sirkin’s motion claims that Abraham tested with an IQ of 70. However, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Oelrich said during the course of the two interviews there were no indications Abraham was mentally disabled or delayed, though Abraham did tell one of the officers he saw a psychiatrist.

Both officers testified Thursday afternoon Abraham gave no indication he was mentally or developmentally disabled.

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Abraham has served as a substitute teacher for several years in Butler and Warren counties, including the Fairfield and Lakota school districts.

Three of the four police officers called to testify took the stand on Thursday. The prosecution plans to call the fourth officer to the stand today. Sirkin has two witnesses he intends to call to the stand.

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