Lawyer, radio analyst accepted into court treatment program

A Cincinnati defense lawyer and radio legal analyst charged with drug-related offenses following a January 2016 traffic stop in Miami County was accepted for participation in a court treatment program today.

Lisa Wells, 38, of West Chester called the days since her arrest, including treatment-related programs “an eye opening experience.”

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Wells served as a guest and legal analyst on WLW radio.

She was charged by state troopers following a Jan. 25, 2016, stop during which a trooper reported seeing pills on the front seat and assorted pills in her purse during a search. Wells was indicted last year on four felony counts of possession of drugs identified as including amphetamines and Oxycodone. The initial indictment was dismissed later in the year and a new indictment filed.

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She pleaded guilty Monday to four felony counts of possession of drugs and one felony of misdemeanor operating a vehicle while under the influence. The pleas on the drug charges will be held in abeyance while Wells participates in the court treatment in lieu of conviction program, as approved by Common Pleas Judge Jeannine Pratt.

Wells was sentenced on the OVI charge to two years of community control, a $1,000 mandatory fine, a year license suspension from the date of offense and 180 days in jail with 177 days suspended on the condition she participates in a state approved three-day alcohol and drug intervention program.

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“You are not going to get any favors because you are a lawyer,” Pratt told Wells during the hearing considering her treatment request.

Defense lawyer Bryan Penick of Dayton said Wells was doing “extremely well with treatment.” Wells, in turn, told Pratt she was “more than willing to do” whatever the court ordered, adding, “I appreciate the opportunity.”

Pratt in September denied Wells’ application for treatment in lieu, telling her Monday she didn’t believe that Wells was ready for intervention at that time. “You were going through the motions,” Pratt said, adding the court takes its intervention in lieu program seriously with zero tolerance for those who don’t follow the detailed program plan.

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“The hard work is about to begin,” Pratt said. The judge said 12 months in prison on each drug charge could be ordered if Wells violates terms of the program.

Among conditions of Wells’ intervention program participation are that she undergo drug and alcohol and mental health assessments and follow all recommendations, attend AA meetings, perform 40 hours of community service, follow a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew and abstains from using alcohol and drugs not prescribed.


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