Middletown police take lead in Bogan bones mystery

Two weeks after Lindsay Bogan's remains were found in a Madison Twp. farm field, a trio of agencies are continuing the quest to find out what happened to the Middletown mother.

Middletown police, who have been investigating the 30-year-old woman’s death since September, are the lead agency in the case they are investigating it as a homicide. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office, the jurisdiction where her skeletal remains were found on July 8 on Keister Road, are working in tandem with police.

The Butler County Coroner’s Office is running tests in an attempt to determine the manner of death.

Bogan, 30, was identified through dental records confirmed by a forensic odontologist on July 15, a week after a farmer baling hay at a farm in the 8100 block of Keister Road found the bones.

A large portion of Bogan’s body was recovered, including her skull. Four search warrants were served at properties at and around the Keister Road address.

Capt. Lance Bunnell said numerous items of evidence were taken during the search.

The investigation conducted since Bogan's disappearance and after the discovery of her remains point to Middletown as the place she died, according to Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw.

“Based on interviews and witnesses statements, we are pretty sure we know where she died,” Muterspaw said, adding her body was dumped in the farm field.

While Bogan’s death has not been officially ruled a homicide by the coroner’s office, Muterspaw said “something contributed to her death other than herself.”

Bunnell said someone committed a crime in the Bogan case, because she did not go to the remote field alone.

Detectives have continued to investigate her boyfriend, Eric Sexton, and members of his family, as persons of interests in the case. Muterspaw said investigators have talked with him since Bogan was found dead.

Sexton, 48, of Wilshire Drive in Franklin, reported Bogan missing Sept. 14, and said he last saw her the day before getting into a silver Dodge Durango at the corner of Central Avenue and Baltimore Street in downtown Middletown.

Soon after, he was charged with promoting prostitution in connection with the case. In February, Sexton pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. He received a nine-month prison sentence and was released on July 8.

Sexton has previously said he had nothing to do with Bogan’s disappearance.

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