Officials cite troubles with strip club where incident preceded Dayton homicide

A sheriff’s office captain said the Harrison Twp. strip club where an incident was linked to the shooting death of a 21-year-old woman Friday morning has been “a nightmare” for law enforcement.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jeremy Roy said three efforts to revoke Club Plush’s liquor license through appeals to the Ohio liquor board have been unsuccessful.

Adriaunna Jackson, of Dayton, died at Miami Valley Hospital after she and a 22-year-old were found shot in a bullet-riddled white sedan at the corner of North Main Street and East Siebenthaler Avenue, according to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. Her death was ruled a homicide by gunshot wound to the head.

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“It’s the volume of calls (93 this year) that we get down there and then the high priority calls that we get — the actual violent (calls) occurring inside and outside that bar,” Roy said.

Ohio’s Secretary of State website lists the club’s management/ownership members as Sharnjit K. Virk and Navdeep S. Virk for a company named Reengage Dayton, LLC doing business as Plush Gentlemen’s Club. Efforts to contact the Virks were unsuccessful.

Jackson’s death is the second homicide related to incidents outside Plush Gentlemen’s Club in the past year. Demetrius Williams was sentenced in February to 29 years to life for the shooting death of Pierre Williams, 20, and for shooting another man.

On Friday morning, a 911 caller told a dispatcher he could hear yelling outside the club at 2213 Wagner Ford Road.

“I can hear a girl screaming. A young girl. Really young,” the caller said. “And there’s some girl and he’s telling her what to do over there.”

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When the dispatcher asked the caller what he heard, he responded: “I can’t tell you that. Just get them people over here and help them.”

Just before 4 a.m. Friday, another 911 caller asked a dispatcher to send an ambulance because a woman had been shot in a white Pontiac Grand Prix.

“I just heard the gunshots and looked out the window,” the caller said.

Dayton police said no further information was available later Friday but asked anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 937-222-STOP (7867).

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Roy said two of the club’s bouncers have been investigated and/or prosecuted for assault and having weapons, that neighbors complain about shots fired in the area and that deputies don’t get calls for help like they do from other gentlemen’s clubs.

Roy said he has seen Facebook videos showing brawls between dancers and among patrons. In one, a bouncer appeared to tackle someone, who had been pepper-sprayed, into a vehicle, Roy said.

“This bar here seems to want to take care and handle things on their own,” Roy said. “And truthfully, I think the folks that are there are scared to come to us to file reports against the security and against the folks that are there doing these things.”

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Roy said township and county officials objected to the transfer of the club’s liquor license in 2015 when ownership changed. The captain also said officials objected multiple times to the club’s annual alcohol license renewal.

“And every single time, the state liquor board has given this guy his liquor permit and has sided with him and has overturned our objections,” Roy said. “At what point in time do you put a dollar amount on someone’s life? And that’s what it seems like they’re doing.”

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