Boy loses spleen, kidney after fall from roof; 12-year-old charged

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Oxford boy recovering after fall from roof

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A 9-year-old boy suffered major injuries after falling from the roof of a trailer and a 12-year-old neighbor boy has been charged for allegedly pushing him.

After falling onto the edge of a trampoline the morning of July 21, Jackson “Jack” Loyd, 9, is still recovering at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center main campus.

The 12-year-old neighbor faces a second-degree felonious assault charge connected with the incident, according to Oxford police.

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“He had a friend staying the night, and boys being boys, they went up on the roof, and they were going to jump off, but when Jack refused to do it, he was pushed,” the victim’s mother, Julie Loyd said. “And when he landed, he landed on the hard bar that held the springs together on the trampoline.”

“It damaged him pretty bad. It completely just obliterated his spleen and his left kidney, so both of those had to be removed,” she said. “He broke four ribs, he damaged his pancreas. It took us not even five minutes to pick him up off the trampoline and get him to McCullough-Hyde (Memorial Hospital),” which is a couple blocks away from their trailer park.

He was flown by helicopter to Children’s. He bled so much internally that he used nine bags of blood. “He’s a beast. He died twice on the operating table, and luckily they were able to bring him back, and if it weren’t for the surgeons and the doctors, my baby wouldn’t be alive now, Loyd said.”

Right after the accident, the soon-to-be-fourth-grader at Kramer Elementary School was on a ventilator, and was in a medically induced coma, said his mother, who has been with him at the hospital the entire time since. He may be able to go home this week.

“The moment I saw the look in the doc’s eyes at McCullough-Hyde when he was looking at the CAT scan, I knew it was bad.”

He’s just now able to start eating soft foods, and doctors hope he can return home this week.

Contacted Saturday at the hospital, Jack said he was feeling pain in his legs and stomach.

Jack said he had jumped from a low-level shed onto the trampoline earlier, but, “the second time, I didn’t want to do it anyway” from the trailer’s roof. When he hesitated, he was pushed, he said.

His advice to other kids: “Don’t try it. It will not go well, especially with an impatient friend.”

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