Police blotter

LUDLOW FALLS (NOV. 25) – A couple’s dispute over how to spend Saturday evening ended up with intervention from Miami County sheriff’s deputies. Deputies called to a possible disturbance were told by the wife that she and her husband got into an argument because she wanted to go to a bar in Greenville while he wanted to stay home. After the woman made plans with friends on her cell phone, she said the husband took the phone and wouldn’t give it back. The woman called 911 from the home phone. The husband told deputies he was sorry he took the phone, and only wanted them to stay home for the evening. In the end, they were apart after the woman agreed to spend the evening elsewhere and both agreed to discuss the issue further when they were sober, deputies report.

VANDALIA (NOV.7) – The manager of apartments on Imperial Court reported a resident smashed an egg on an apartment door because he was upset with the occupant. When the man heard the manager calling police, he attempted to clean up the mess. The man was cited for criminal mischief.

ENGLEWOOD (NOV. 15) – A woman who overdosed in the parking lot of Waffle House around 4:30 a.m. later was released to Riverside police on a warrant. Englewood police said they found the woman unconscious in a vehicle in the parking lot and were told by a man with her that she had injected heroin earlier. The woman was revived at Good Samaritan North, where police said she became uncooperative. After she was cleared medically, she was jailed on the warrant and charged locally with disorderly conduct.

STAUNTON TWP., Miami County (NOV. 18) – A Miami County sheriff’s deputy driving on Piqua-Troy Road reported seeing a car he was following pass the vehicle in front of it in a no passing zone and then at an intersection. The deputy stopped the vehicle, whose driver told him she was “just in a hurry to get home.” She was cited for passing at an intersection and given a warning for passing in a no passing zone.

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