Police find man with syringes in restaurant restroom

James D. Bumgardner
James D. Bumgardner

Diners and the manager of a Middletown restaurant suspected a man was in the restroom Monday night using drugs.

The manager of O’Charley’s, 3446 Village Drive, told police that customers saw James D. Bumgardner, 35, enter the restroom after he was “acting weird” in the restaurant, according to the police report.

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When Bumgardner walked out of the restroom and saw Middletown police cruisers in the parking, he attempted to exit O’Charley’s through a side door, the report read. When he realized the door was locked, he went back inside the restroom, the report read.

Bumgardner, who was in the stall for people with disabilities, told police he wasn’t using drugs. Inside the toilet paper dispenser, however, police found two syringes. Bumgardner told police he didn’t know how the syringes got there.

He was trespassed from the restaurant, the report read.

Police said Bumgardner, who was charged with possession of drug abuse/instruments, also has warrants through the Lebanon Police Department and Warren County Sheriff’s Office.