Police investigating report Sylvester Stallone raped a teen in 1990

According to TMZ a woman accusing Sylvester Stallone of raping her in 1990 filed a report with Santa Monica police. Although the 10-year statute of limitations has expired, authorities are said to be investigating her claim.

The case will reportedly be presented to the District Attorney’s office, who will then decide whether to prosecute.

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Stallone is pushing back, however.

A previous report from the publication revealed the “Rocky” actor is accusing the woman of filing a false report against him.

Marty Singer, Stallone’s lawyer, told TMZ the actor intends to file a complaint requesting that police investigate his accuser.

Police told TMZ they intend to look into her claim first.

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The woman in question isn’t the only one to accuse the 71-year-old actor of sexual assault.

Stallone and his former bodyguard Michael De Luca stand accused of forcing a 16-year-old to perform sex acts on them in Las Vegas in 1986.

A police report obtained by Daily Mail revealed Stallone and his alleged victim met at the hotel in which they were both staying.

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She claimed the actor invited her up to his room, as which time he asked whether she’d ever had a threesome. The alleged victim claims she was “forced into giving both men oral sex,” according to the documents.

Although she told police she was “humiliated and ashamed,” the woman declined to press charges.

Stallone denied the allegations, just as he denied rape allegations against him.

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