Springfield man convicted of murder in death of woman pregnant with his child

A Springfield man was convicted of shooting and killing a woman pregnant with his child.

Travis Hypes, 26, was convicted of murder Wednesday by a 12-person jury in Clark County Common Pleas Court. He was sentenced to 15 years to life plus three years for a gun specification for a total of 18 years, Clark County Prosecutor Brian Driscoll said.

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Lindsey Marsh, 23, who was 30-weeks pregnant, was fatally shot by Hypes on April 5 in a home on East McCreight Avenue. The baby was saved by doctors.

“We are very pleased with the verdict,” Driscoll said. “Through the hard work of the Springfield Police Division, Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Montogomery County Coroner’s Office we were able to give some closure and justice to the family of Lindsey Marsh.”

Clark County prosecutors said Hypes purposefully pointed a gun at Marsh’s head and pulled the trigger. Clark County Public Defender Rebekah Sinnott argued that the killing was an accident.

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Driscoll and his brother, Dan Driscoll, were prosecutors for the state. They argued not only did Hypes intentionally kill Marsh, but he also didn’t try to get her help.

“He doesn’t ask (for someone) to call for help,” Brian Driscoll said during opening arguments. “He flees … He runs.”

Hypes will serve 18 years to life in prison.

Marsh’s family and friends took to social media to celebrate the verdict as justice for her.

“Thank you, God, for finally bringing closure to this heartbreaking event for this wonderful family,” a poster wrote. “May God continue to put his blessings upon this little child and her family.”

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