Dayton Officer Shot: Chief Biehl lays out timeline, details of what happened

Update 11/9/19

Courtney Allen is not facing federal charges and is no longer listed in the Montgomery County Jail.

UPDATE @ 3:27 p.m. (Nov. 7): Dayton Police Detective Jorge Del Rio has died from injuries after being shot Monday night while serving a warrant with a Drug Enforcement Administration task force.

Here’s a timeline of what happened:

1. Detective Del Rio, 55, along with other DEA task force members, approached a home in the 1400 block of Ruskin Road in Dayton at 6:56 p.m. Monday.

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2. After knocking on the door without receiving an answer, the task force entered the home and proceeded down the stairs to the basement.

3. A medic was requested at 6:57 p.m., one minute after arriving at the address. Del Rio was shot twice in the face, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said.

“We’re serving a warrant with the DEA. We need a medic,” an officer told a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

The detective was the only person injured and is on “advanced life support” in grave condition, Dayton police said Tuesday night.

4. Because of the severity of the injuries, fellow officers loaded Del Rio into a police cruiser and drove to Grandview Medical Center because it was close to the house on Ruskin Road.

5. Five people were in custody and questioned Monday night, Biehl said. One was a juvenile who was apprehended when he tried to escape. It’s unclear where he was during the shooting. The other four were adult males who were in the basement at the time of the shooting. The four of them remain jailed Tuesday night.

6. After the suspects in the house were taken into custody, a large amount of fentanyl and cash was recovered at the address, Biehl said. Multiple weapons were also found at the home, according to a Dayton police statement.

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7. Around 1 a.m., four people from the home were arrested by a federal agency and booked into Montgomery County Jail.

They include accused shooter Nathan S. Goddard Jr., 39; Courtney L. Allen, 34; Cahke W. Cortner Sr., 39; and Lionel L. Combs III, 40.

Goddard, Cortner and Combs face 20 years to life in prison on a charge of conspiracy including a gun specification. Goddard also faces the equivalent of a felonious assault on a state police officer working via federal investigation. That one count comes with a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison, including a 10-year firearm specification.

8. Biehl announced Del Rio’s death during a brief media conference Thursday afternoon. Area police officers gathered at Grandview Medical Center Thursday morning to honor Del Rio and say goodbye.

9. The Dayton Police Homicide Unit is handling the shooting investigation. The Professional Standards Bureau is handling the administrative investigation related to the Dayton officers who were on scene.

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