Video released in Yellow Springs double shooting

Law enforcement video recorded just as Greene County deputies arrived on the scene to a double fatal shooting on Grinnell Road last week shows the residents hugging near their vehicle.

The Greene County Sherriff’s office released video of their response after a request by the Dayton Daily News. In it, deputies can be seen driving up to the home and parking on the road outside 3443 Grinnell Road. The 9-1-1 call obtained earlier by the newspaper shows it took about five minutes after the first call for deputies to arrive at the home.

Lindsey Duncan and Molly Duncan, the couple who live at the home, can be seen near their vehicle in the video. They embrace for a brief period before the video cuts out.

Greene County 911 caller

The incident began when a man, identified as Reed Sanders, was shot after he approached a vehicle with a gun as it pulled into the driveway, Sheriff Gene Fischer said. He said the Duncans were inside the vehicle and Lindsey Duncan exchanged gunfire with Sanders.

Sanders was shot and killed.

Lindsey Duncan — who has a CCW permit — then shot and killed his ex-wife, Cheryl Sanders, who drove up to the scene soon after the first shooting. She was armed with a gun, Fischer said.

Lindsey Duncan said during a press conference that Cheryl Sanders pointed the weapon toward Molly Duncan’s head.

“The word ambush is exactly what it was,” Molly Duncan said. “We were caught off guard. They said nothing and they started shooting at us.”

What we know now about the Yellow Springs double-fatal shooting

The bodies that were lying on either side of the road were redacted from the video, per state law. In another video, an official who drove up in a sheriff’s vehicle can be seen preparing to give aid to one of the Sanders. Most of the video is redacted as well.

The case is still under investigation.

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