Warren County shooting suspect’s brother: ‘I thought it was my last day’

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Mohammed Laghaoui and his father listen to 911 call from shooting incident.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Man accused of wounding father, deputy in incident that prompted lockdown.

Mohammed Laghaoui’s father and brother testified on Wednesday for prosecutors trying to put him in prison for the attempted murder of a Warren County sheriff’s deputy.

Laghaoui is charged with wounding his father and Deputy Katie Barnes during a shooting that prompted an extended lock down and manhunt of the area around their home.

“I thought it was my last day,” brother Lau Laghaoui said during testimony in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

Wednesday’s court session started with the playing of the first 911 call made on June 9, the first time Barnes was called to the Laghaoui’s apartment in the Orchards of Landen Apartment complex in Deerfield Twp., Warren County.

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Barnes left after calming down the dispute, but returned later after a second 911 call, prompted by a rekindling of the dispute. During the second visit, Mohammed Laghaoui grabbed his backpack and headed to his car in the parking lot, where he allegedly got an AK-47 used in the shootings.

Laghaoui’s father, Abdessadek, covered his head with his hands while listening Wednesday to the second 911 call, during which the right index finger of his hand was severed by shots allegedly fired through the door by his son.

“Not same,” he said after showing the jury the surgically repaired hand.

Under defense questioning, the father and brother also helped support Laghaoui’s defense that he should be found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Both recalled Laghaoui believing he had a snake in his stomach and other unusual behavior on June 9.

Laghaoui has sat with his head bowed, hardly moving, during the trial, or looking up as his father and brother struggled to keep their composure on the witness stand.

Barnes — a coach and former sports star from Mason — was back in the courtroom as a spectator on Wednesday, sitting with Sheriff Larry Sims for most of the day.

On Tuesday, Barnes said she worried she would die after being wounded in an exchange of gunfire with Laghaoui.


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Barnes was treated and released for a stomach wound and testified that she had returned to light duty.

In his opening, Laghaoui’s lawyer claimed Laghaoui, now 20, thought he and his family were “under attack” when he wounded his father and Barnes.

The incident occurred as Laghaoui was exhibiting signs of mental illness, defecating and urinating in unusual places, insisting he be called ‘Frank’ and speaking in strange accents and languages, lawyer Nadeem Quraishi added.

Wednesday's proceedings ended with Laghaoui's father recounting Laghaoui's odd behavior, including an overnight trip to Austria.

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