LISTEN: Fairborn officer confronts man accused of trying to lure young girls

A Fairborn man denies allegations he is the person trying to lure young girls near Baker Middle School and the library in Fairborn.

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Police released dash camera video from Sept. 6 after an officer pulled over Douglas I. Ray, 35, saying he and his vehicle matched the suspect’s description.

Ray denied this, and said he was at work in Kettering and did not know the location of the middle school.

“We had numerous complaints about a vehicle matching this description pretty much identically approaching girls walling around Baker (Middle) School yesterday. And trying to get them to get in the car with them. Does that happen to be you,” the officer said.

“No,” Ray said.

“I mean you even kind of fit the description of him. Red hair, blue eyes, approached multiple teenage girls in the area of Baker (Middle) School last night. ... I mean they got it down to the first three digits of your temp tag ... are identical. I’ve got video of a vehicle that looks just like this one driving in the area approaching a girl. ... That’s not ringing any bells with you?

“You’re denying it now, and I can’t prove otherwise, but I can guarantee you this: If you’re going around trying to pick up teenage girls I’m going to whip your ass,” the officer said.

Ray, of Fairborn, was arrested Sept. 8 and was released from jail after paying 10 percent on a $200,000 bond, according to court records. He was indicted by a grand jury Sept. 14. During his arraignment Friday he pleaded not guilty to attempted abduction in Greene County Common Pleas Court. The judge allowed him to remain out on bond.

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According to Fairborn police detective Ryan Whittaker's deposition, three girls ages 12 to 14 reported that a man in a gray sport-utility vehicle approached them and asked questions as they were walking down the street. One of the girls positively identified the defendant from a photo line-up, the deposition said.

A hearing before the case goes to trial is set for Dec. 13.

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