This Facebook page shows an image of what reports say are monkeys in trees in Lebanon.

What police are saying about local monkey sightings

“We never got a call for service,” Capt. Dave Gehringer said Monday as the story was reported by The London Daily Mail.

Police learned of the story from a report on WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, displaying cellphone pictures of monkeys in a tree and an interview with a woman named Amber, posted on the Let’s Talk Lebanon Facebook page on Friday, according to Gehringer.

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Officers did check the area, but found nothing, Gehringer said.

On Monday, The Associated Press picked up the story, citing the WLWT report.

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“Lebanon police say they’re aware of the reported monkey sightings and are investigating. Residents suspect the monkeys were pets at some point,” the story said. “Residents say the monkeys haven’t been spotted since being photographed several weeks ago but can still be heard.”

However Gehringer said, “We’ve not verified that they even exist.”