Woman jumps out of moving car to escape ex-boyfriend, police say

A Springfield woman said she had to jump out of a moving vehicle to escape her ex-boyfriend after he allegedly punched her in the face and refused to let her go.

Michael Meddock, 39, of Springfield, was arrested Sunday morning on charges of felony abduction and misdemeanor assault after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend, police said.

Meddock's ex said she was with him at his residence and she told him she wanted to go home, a report states.

Meddock started driving her through Springfield, but he did not take her home. He allegedly told her he wanted to take her to the hospital because she was crazy.

The woman said Meddock grabbed her by the arm and would not let her leave the vehicle. She said Meddock was upset because he believed she talked to police about a fraud charge he faces.

The ex said Meddock told her she would "pay" for speaking with police, the report states.

The woman said Meddock punched her in mouth when she tried to get out of the vehicle.

She told police she eventually jumped out of the moving car near Ludlow and Irwin avenues. She then flagged down a medic, who contacted law enforcement. Meddock also called police, and they took his statement at his home.

He said he picked her up from her father's home, and she began "acting crazy" and attempted to get out of the car. Meddock said he tried to keep her from jumping out, but he could not stop her.

But police said Meddock changed his story at least once, and his ex's injuries were consistent with her version of events. Police said Meddock threatened his ex while completing paperwork.