Dayton February rain: How 2018 compares to record-shattering years

This past weekend’s storms caused flooding, closed roads and elevated this month’s rainfall into one of the wettest Februaries on record for Dayton.

So far, the month has seen 5.4 inches of rain with three more days to go in the month. Here’s how this year’s totals, according to Storm Center 7 meteorologists, compare to previous highs:

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1-6.77 inches, 1909.

2-6.44 inches, 1908.

3-5.77 inches, 1990.

4-5.4 inches, 2018.

5-4.79 inches, 1903.

6-4.66 inches, 1910.

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7-4.57 inches, 1951.

8-4.57 inches, 1950.

9-4.55 inches, 2011.

10-4.38 inches, 1939.

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