Dayton Innovation: Tannenberg Pet Resort a three-generation business

Business Name: Tannenberg Pet Resort

Location: 2625 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Owner’s Name: Amy Wyant

Years in operation: 72 years

Number of Employees: Approximately 20

Describe what your business does: We board dogs, cats, and rabbits. We also offer bathing services for dogs, along with day-stays for both dogs and cats.

What inspired you to start this business? Tannenberg was started in 1948 by my grandfather. He was a German Shepherd breeder and the boarding evolved from there. We are still in our original location, making us the oldest business in Kettering. My dad owned our family business from 1980 until 2017. I took over in 2017 and can only pray that I make them both proud.

How has your business embraced innovation? We have had to make multiple changes through the years. It is amazing how we have gone from considering a dog as a pet, to knowing that our dogs are important members of our families, in such a short period of time. We do everything we can to stay up with the demands of our customers and their fur babies.

What’s your biggest challenge right now? The pandemic has brought a lot of challenging moments for us. Somehow, I think, the worst of it is behind us and only a memory. My employees are amazing and we couldn’t have gotten through it without their support, mentally and physically. We have always felt like a family working together but now, even more so! I kept saying “this too shall pass….”

What’s your biggest opportunity right now? Right now, our business focus seems to be on those who bring their dogs in for baths, for the day, and our weekend boarders. Of course, we are also here for those who need longer boarding accommodations too. We can’t thank our loyal customers enough who saw us through all of this and would just call to make sure we are okay. We will all get through this together.

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