Dayton Police domestic violence unit focuses on preventing incidents before they happen

The Dayton Police created an investigations unit for domestic violence and intimate partner violence. This morning Sgt. Roberta Bailey, the sergeant steering the unit, discussed her deterrence model, which has been in place since March of this year.

The deterrence model provides resources to both victims and potential suspects, Bailey said. The deterrence model offers counseling and treatment for suspects as well as support programs for victims. Bailey said splitting away from the special victims unit enabled her to focus more on prevention.

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“We have a more focused vision with this and we have more resources available,” she said.

Bailey said the unit has six detectives that are focused on domestic violence and intimate partner violence cases.

Officers, she said, are often called to the scene of an argument. Bailey said that officers will often clear a call if there is no violence. However, she stated that officers “wear many hats” and should work to alleviate any violence before an incident escalates.

There was a small increase in domestic violence and intimate partner calls in March, however calls have decreased in October, she said.

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