Area Realtor killed during police pursuit in Miami Twp.: What we know now and questions we’re asking

One woman is dead and another is in custody after a Moraine police cruiser was involved in a fatal crash during a high-speed chase on Ohio 741 through that city and Miami Twp.

The accident occurred about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday after Moraine police were pursuing a car reported stolen in Harrison Twp. Many details about the accident and those involved remain unclear.

Here’s what we know, and what we’re asking:

The deceased: Mary Taulbee, 57, of Lebanon, was killed in the car hit by a Moraine police cruiser at Ohio 741 and Carnation Road, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Taulbee worked in the Irongate Realtors office at 1353 Lyons Rd. in Washington Twp., that office confirmed.

Police cruiser: The officer driving the cruiser has yet to be identified. The vehicle was traveling at a high speed south on Ohio 741 in Miami Twp. after starting the pursuit in Moraine.

Suspect: Alyssa Irwin Debraux, 18, is in the Montgomery County Jail. She was booked Tuesday night on suspicion of receiving stolen property, though formal charges have not been filed, jail records show.

Authorities said she was driving a black Jeep reported stolen out of Harrison Twp. and was apprehended at a Speedway gas station on Ohio 741 across from where it crashed near Mall Ring Road in Miami Twp.

Second pursuit this week: This is the second high-speed chase involving Moraine police this week. Both pursuits involved Ohio 741. The first happened Monday morning after a reported theft at Walmart on Dorothy Lane and involved someone in the fleeing vehicle shooting a gun a police.

Nobody was reported injured in Monday’s chase, which ended peacefully with the arrest of an 18-year-old suspect.

Witness: Doug Fitzsimmons of Miami Twp. said he saw the police cruiser collide with Taulbee's car: "My concern is that an innocent person gets hurt as police pursue a suspect, which they rightfully do, but they are traveling so fast that an innocent person gets hurt."

State patrol investigating: The patrol said in a statement it "will release preliminary crash investigation findings once all the immediate evidence is processed and all statements are reviewed."

The officer involved:

Officer Matt Barrie, who was driving the cruiser, sustained minor injuries in the accident, according to Chief Craig Richardson. 
Barrie is currently on administrative leave due to those injuries. Barrie was the 2017 Officer of the Year.

Second collision: The fatal crash the result of another accident, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Before 57-year-old Mary Taulbee's vehicle was hit by the cruiser, a third vehicle abruptly changing lanes struck Taulbee. That impact reportedly caused Taulbee's vehicle to spin out of control and into the path of the police cruiser.

Here is more information we are seeking this morning:

Pursuit details: Some Details, such as how long the chase lasted and the speeds involved, remain unclear. But initial police statements indicate Debraux was spotted in Moraine driving a stolen Jeep and the Moraine police cruiser began pursuit about 6:15 p.m.

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The chase went south on Ohio 741 into Miami Twp. The Jeep driven by the suspect apparently hit a vehicle before the police officer-involved collision at Carnation Road. The Jeep then continued south on Ohio 741 before crashing near Mall Ring Road, just north of the Dayton Mall.

Audio and video: We are seeking 911 calls and video related to the accidents.


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