DeWine votes in Cedarville; calls for unity after election

Gov. Mike DeWine arrived at his polling location in Cedarville with his wife Fran at around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday and told reporters that he hopes Ohio and the country can unite following the election.

“While today is a day of anticipation and excitement, once today passes, this is over with. Voting itself is done," he said. "Tomorrow morning, when we wake up, it’s going to be the time to put this behind us, come together as Ohioans, come together as Americans, because today unlike most election days, we are at war. We face a common enemy. And that enemy does not care if we voted for the President Donald Trump, or former vice president Joe Biden.”

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He said if Ohioans can knock coronavirus down if everyone comes together.

“That really I think is the challenge we face,” he said.

A line of people formed outside Cedar Land Event Center where the governor votes. He said he had never seen a line like it before on Election Day, but noted that social distancing may make a line look longer than it actually is. Voters told reporters that they had waited in line about 30 minutes to vote.

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The governor and his wife waited in the line just like every other voter. The governor and first lady both said they will be voting for President Trump.

“I’m very happy with what the president has done with the supreme court and federal judges and the economy," Gov. DeWine said. "I will be voting for the president. And I think one of the things he doesn’t get much credit for is his involvement in this vaccine. The White House had the vision early on and it’s coming. I tell people the sun will come out and we will get through this tunnel over the next few months.”

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