DOG ATTACKS: 8-year-old girl fifth victim attacked in past year

Two Dayton area dog attacks have been reported in the past week. FILE

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Two Dayton area dog attacks have been reported in the past week. FILE

An 8-year-old girl was attacked by a dog in Miamisburg Saturday, becoming the latest victim of canine assaults.

The girl — transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital, where she is listed in fair condition — is the second local dog attack victim reported in the past week.

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Here are five instances of dog attacks in the Dayton area since the spring of 2017:

• JULY 25: A Fairborn woman was taken to the hospital after she said a dog attacked her on her front porch. Amy Agee said she sustained wounds on her left arm and the backs of her thighs.

Greene County Animal Control said the dog is being quarantined in its home for 10 days. The dog’s owner said his pet was provoked, but neighbors disagree.

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• JUNE 27: Police said they shot three dogs — killing one — after responding to a call of a possible dog attack at a home on Wyoming Street.

The owner said attempts were made to separate the dogs - who were fighting in the backyard - but feared she might get attacked. A neighbor heard the owner screaming for help and called 911.

• DEC. 29, 2017: A Dayton teen was hospitalized after authorities said he was attacked by two vicious dogs on Huron Avenue.

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William Talbott was serious condition, but did not sustain life-threatening injuries after authorities said he was attacked by two pit bulls. A 911 caller told dispatchers a man was being attacked and she feared for his life.

• JULY 28, 2017: Dayton police said they were forced to kill a dog on Nassau Street after a woman reported a dog attack.

The officers said they shot the dog after hearing the woman scream and saw she had blood on her arms and shirt. She said two others were in the house being attacked by a pit bull.

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The shooting occurred after one officer said he saw a man in the house with severe injuries and the dog with blood on its ribs, stomach and mouth.

• APRIL 25, 2017: A Dayton man was killed when authorities said he was the victim of a dog mauling near Middle Street.

Police said they shot and killed they shot the dog after the deadly attack on Maurice Brown, 60. Following Brown’s death, Ohio legislators earlier this year renewed a debate for stronger vicious dog laws.

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