WATCH: Elections experts panel answers voting questions

The Dayton Daily News has formed a panel of Ohio elections experts who answered your questions and advise our coverage of what will happen after Tuesday’s Election Day.

The panel included former Gov. Bob Taft, also a former Ohio secretary of state and now at the University of Dayton. Also serving on the panel will be Jen Miller, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio; Aaron Ockerman, director of the Ohio Association of Elections Officials; Collin Marozzi, a policy strategist for the ACLU of Ohio; and Kyle Strickland, senior legal analyst/special assistant to the director at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity at the Ohio State University.

The Dayton Daily News hosted two online discussions, both titled “Election 2020: Ask the Experts” Monday, Nov. 2, and Wednesday, Nov. 4 on the Dayton Daily News Facebook page.

Assembling the panel is part of the newspaper’s community service and commitment to cutting through the clutter and providing readers with accurate, reliable, and timely information, Dayton Daily News Editor Jim Bebbington said.

"This group of elections experts is going to help our readers understand in real-time what they’re seeing from elections results over the days that follow,” Bebbington said.

Dayton Daily News will delve into the latest on-the-ground happenings and what Ohioans can expect as the vote counting continues beyond Election Day.

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