Englewood, a community steeped in history, incorporated 104 years ago

The Village of Englewood was incorporated 104 years ago on May 15, 1914.

The community has a long history in the Miami Valley. Here are six historical facts from the city’s website:

Origins of the community. Though Englewood wasn't founded until later, early settlers made their way to the area in 1800 from Randolph County, N.C. They called their new home Randolph Township.

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Credit: Chris Stewart

Credit: Chris Stewart

What's in a name? When Englewood was founded in May 1841, it was called Harrisburg. After a few years it was renamed Iamton after the first postmaster Harvey Iams. The letters "I" and "J" looked the same during that time period, and the town was later called Jamton.

And the winner is... In 1898, local businessmen held a contest to rename the town. Community lore says the winner happened to be reading a book in which the name "Englewood" appeared and submitted the name for the contest.

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Credit: Chris Stewart

Credit: Chris Stewart

Flood prevention. The devastating 1913 flood led to a flood protection campaign for the region. Construction began in 1918 on the Englewood Dam, which was completed in 1921. The dam regulates the flow of water into the Stillwater River.

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A historic highway. A portion of the National Road, the first highway in the United States built by the federal government, passes through Englewood. It was built between 1811 and 1834 to reach western settlements.

Credit: The Miami Conservancy District

Credit: The Miami Conservancy District

Community growth. After incorporation in 1914, Jacob Hoover became the first mayor. By 1930 the population was 415, which grew to more than 600 by 1940. The 2010 census put the population at over 13,000.

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