Fuyao has laid off 2,200-plus workers globally

The auto glass producer has not provided a breakdown of layoffs

Fuyao Glass, Industry Group, the corporate parent of Moraine’s Fuyao Glass America, has laid off more than 2,000 workers across the world this year.

“The number of employees of the company was 24,460, representing a decrease of 2,267 employees as compared with that at the end of 2019,” the company said in an English translation of its Interim Results report, which was first published at the end of June.

“We are hiring and short almost 400 people at FGA,” Jeff Liu, Fuyao Glass America’s chief executive, said in a brief email Tuesday. He referred further questions to Leslie O’Hara, the plant’s human resources manager.

Before the pandemic, Fuyao leaders had pointed with pride to the plant’s approximately 2,300 workers.

By saying the plant is today “short almost 400 people,” Liu appears to be suggesting the local plant today has about 1,900 workers.

Follow-up questions were sent to O’Hara.

In its global corporate report, Fuyao said the workforce reduction “was mainly attributable to the fact that the company optimized the establishment of positions to fully explore the enthusiasm and potential of employees, improve the working efficiency of employees, boost the vitality of organizations and improve the corporate competitiveness.”

The company’s report did not provide a breakdown of where the affected employees had been located.

The South China Morning Post newspaper in Hong Kong cites Fuyao as saying “half of its revenue” comes from its business in China.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has presented no WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act) notice from Fuyao since the pandemic first began to be truly felt in the United States in mid-March.

Generally, companies of a certain size are required to advise Ohio government of plans to lay off 50 or more people within a 30-day period.

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