Glock glitch: Local police officer’s accidental shooting blamed on gun

A West Carrollton police officer’s accidental shooting of himself at a Franklin firing range is being attributed to his gun malfunctioning, authorities said.

The May 4 firing range accident occurred after a safety feature on the officer’s Glock failed, said West Carrollton Deputy Police Chief David Wessling.

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“There’s a pin in the triggers of Glocks that keeps the safety in place, and the pin had actually worked itself out to the side of the gun to the point that it was sticking out far enough that when he stuck (the gun) in the holster, the pin caught the edge of the holster and pulled the trigger back,” Wessling said.

“That’s nothing that you would ever expect to happen,” he said.

The officer was wounded in the calf area and in the foot on his right side, Wessling said.

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“It’s going to take a little bit of time, but he’ll fully recover from it,” Wessling added.

His identity has not been released but has been he described as a veteran of at least 10 years. The officer is not expected return for a couple of months, Wessling said.


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