Huber location eyed for medical marijuana grow site

Investors hope to turn an industrial building in Huber Heights into a marijuana cultivation and processing site, if they can get approval from the city and state.

FW Green Investments LLC on June 20 filed a zoning application with the city for a medical marijuana facility in a 96,000-square-foot building at 5051 Kitridge Road.

The company also appears on a list of 109 applicants for Level 1 marijuana cultivation licenses released this week. The state will approve 12 applicants to grow initially up to 25,000 square feet of pot.

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Huber Heights officials have not yet approved or denied the zoning application. They could vote Monday on establishing zoning rules for medical marijuana facilities.

Another company called Paragon Development Group LLC filed a zoning application for a location on Executive Boulevard in Huber Heights, but that company name doesn’t appear among the list of applications filed with the state.

Steve Anevski, a partner and general counsel of the FW Green who filed the paperwork, said the site represented about $10 million in investment in the community and could create 150 jobs by the time it scaled up to phase three growth area of 75,000 square feet.

“It’s an excellent building for it, and it’s under-utilized,” he said of why his company chose that location. “We are intending to bring a lot of jobs there that used to be there that aren’t there anymore.”

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He hopes to also have the facility licensed to process marijuana, but has no intention of applying for a dispensary license there.

“There won’t be anything sold,” he said. “No one will even know it’s going on.”

Anevski said his company was successful in obtaining a medical marijuana license in Massachusetts last year and is hopeful to be able to set up business in Ohio.

The company has also applied for a license to grow marijuana in Germantown. This news organization is requesting the zoning paperwork to determine the location. Anevski said it’s currently farmland and a building would need built if they received approval from the state.

Anevski said most of the concerns he hears are born of misunderstanding that they will be growing and selling weed. He said what his company will produce uses parts of the plant that have medicinal purposes but don’t get you high.

“A lot of people think Pablo Escobar is moving into town. The reality is a lot of the product being sold won’t even be recognizable by the Pablo Escobars of the world,” he said.