How safe are the roads around your child’s school?

One in three drivers engages in unsafe behavior around schools, according to a study of distracted driving.

The study also showed the more urban the county, the riskier the roads. Some members of Congress want to use this data to push for more grants to improve transportation safety.

"Student safety is by far our No. 1 priority,” Fairmont High School Principal Tyler Alexander said this afternoon as school was dismissing for the day. “Distracted driving is an issue we want our students to understand the ramifications of ... and to be safe.”

Fairmont High School in Kettering scored a B+ in the Zendrive School Safety Snapshot, which lists grades for most schools across the country.

While the high school does not staff crossing guards, it has a Kettering Police Department school resource officer and security guards in the parking lots that help direct students and buses.

“We’re dismissing 2,400 students at one time, so it is busy but we have a pretty good routine that I feel is extremely safe for students as well as drivers in the community,” Tyler said.

A look at several area high schools shows that Meadowdale, Tippecanoe and Troy high schools earned As; Xenia High School also got a B+; Greenville, Preble-Shawnee and Stivers School for the Arts earned Bs; Eaton High School earned a C; a score of C- went to Beavercreek, Miamisburg and West Carrollton high schools; and Centerville High School earned a D+, according to the study.

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