Report card grades change for several local suburban school districts

Half of the area’s dozen largest suburban school districts saw their overall grade on the state report card change for 2018-19, two of them going up a grade and four dropping one level.

Lebanon schools, which has pushed for a new tax levy, saw its overall grade rise from a “C” to a “B,” and Fairborn’s grade rose from a “D” to a “C.” Both districts also saw their year-over-year progress grades improve, with Lebanon earning a “B” and Fairborn getting a “C” after posting an “F” last year.

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“The district is very excited about the continued progress from staff and students and we will be working hard to continue this positive progress and growth,” Fairborn school officials said in a statement, pointing to literacy, foreign language and other programs added for 2019-20.

Miamisburg and Northmont schools saw their overall grades drop from a “B” to a “C” largely because student progress grades declined. Springboro fell from an overall “A” to a “B,” and West Carrollton went from a “C” to a “D.”

Centerville, Beavercreek and Kettering schools all got an overall “B” from the state for a second straight year, Troy again got a “C” and Xenia and Huber Heights stayed at a “D.”

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Centerville was one of two districts locally and 40 in the entire state that got straight-A’s on all parts of the report card’s “student progress” component. Progress measures how much growth students show on state tests year over year. Centerville got A’s for the performance of its special education students, gifted students, lowest 20% of scorers, and for the student body as a whole.

Springboro ranked in the top five percent of the state of the Prepared for Success measure, which takes into account ACT/SAT scores, honors diplomas, industry credentials and participation in college credit-bearing programs.

The state puts heavy emphasis on how much year-over-year progress students make, and the large suburban districts got a variety of grades in that category.

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Centerville, Beavercreek and Kettering received A’s in progress, while Springboro and Lebanon earned B’s. The most common grade was a “C” (Miamisburg, Troy, Xenia and Fairborn), while Northmont, Huber Heights and West Carrollton got D’s in progress. Northmont, Miamisburg and West Carrollton all dropped at least two letter grades in progress.

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