Spring Valley Academy mourns death of teacher

An elementary school teacher at the Spring Valley Academy died last week after an illness, and counselors and pastors have been at the school helping students and staff cope with their grief.

Principal Darren Wilkins told the Dayton Daily News on Monday morning that the school, staff and community are mourning the loss of Kimberly Orr, a dedicated and well-respected teacher who taught third and fourth grades.

“We received the news last week on Wednesday morning that she had died on Tuesday,” Wilkins said. “We knew she had been sick, but her illness got worse, and then she went to the hospital.”

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Orr, 31, who had one daughter, taught at the academy for nine years, said Wilkins, who called her a “much-loved teacher” who had made a significant impact on her students and colleagues.

“She was young and vibrant, and her students loved her,” Wilkins said. “We are a small community here, and her death has hit everybody hard.”

Crisis response efforts kicked in to come to the aid of those at the school and community to help with the grief.

“When the news hit on Wednesday, almost immediately there were 15 to 20 pastors and grief counselors in my office, ready to help,” Wilkins said.

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The Kettering Health Network made its chaplaincy program, which offers counseling and religious or spiritual services to people who are dealing with grief issues, available to Spring Valley Academy.

“Classes are on a regular schedule and the grief counseling is available,” Wilkins said. “We are very thankful for the support of the community and the pastors and the Kettering Health Network.”

The school released a statement regarding her death:

“Our hearts are broken today as we mourn the loss of our colleague and friend Kimberly Orr. Kimberly taught one of our 3-4 grade classes,” the statement read. “She passed unexpectedly due to flu complications yesterday morning. Kim was a ray of sunshine to our students and our SVA team. Many of us remember her baptism in 2013, which seems all the more poignant today.”

No official cause of death has been released regarding Orr’s death.

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