Tornado aftermath: Multiple school districts cancel final days of year, including exams

Vandalia-Butler, Brookville and Northridge schools have canceled the final two days of the school year today and tomorrow, and will not make those days up.

Brookville had significant damage to its K-12 school campus, and all three districts have widespread damage to families’ homes in the wake of Monday night’s tornado outbreak.

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Several other school districts in the storms’ path — Dayton, Trotwood, Mad River, Beavercreek, Huber Heights and Northmont — had already completed their school year last week.

Butler High School canceled any remaining high school exams, saying students are exempt from taking them. Brookville said students in grades 9-11 would be offered the option to take finals through Principal Christopher Bronner’s office, as some were hoping to use an exam to pull up their grade.

“Disaster recovery teams and insurance adjusters are on their way to help us and WE WILL RECOVER,” Brookville schools posted on their official Facebook page Tuesday. “PLEASE DO NOT come to the school facility. The buildings and grounds are not a safe place. We will put out information as we can. We are grateful we were not in session!!”

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Schools have to figure out how to get students’ belongings back to them now that the school year is abruptly over.

“Each of our buildings will be open Wednesday and Thursday, during regular school hours, if any student has personal belongings or things in their lockers they need to get,” Vandalia-Butler schools posted on Facebook. “If these times do not work for you, please reach out to the building administrators to make other arrangements.”

Vandalia-Butler still held its graduation ceremony Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after the storms hit the community. Smaller events such as end-of-school parties and field trips for younger students were canceled. Northridge’s graduation is still scheduled for Saturday.

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Milton-Union schools in Miami County closed Wednesday “due to storm damage, power outages, and road conditions in several parts of the area.” District officials said they hoped to communicate plans for Thursday’s scheduled final day of the school year before noon Wednesday.

Horizon Science Academy also closed its three Dayton-area campuses Wednesday. Their school year is slated to end Friday.

School officials in Mad River, Huber Heights and Northmont said their schools suffered no damage.

Beavercreek Superintendent Paul Otten said there was damage to Shaw Elementary and the district’s central office/preschool complex, but he said it was “nothing overly significant,” citing some roofing and tree issues.

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Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli said the school district has not been able to do a full check of Charity Earley Girls Academy. The school is on Shoup Mill Road, adjacent to an area that suffered severe damage. Lolli said other than that, the only damage was some lost shingles at Kiser Elementary.

Trotwood Superintendent Tyrone Olverson said the district was doing roofing checks Wednesday, but a first review of buildings did not reveal any significant damage to schools.

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