Art Institute, Arcade, Funk Museum, Boonshoft projects win state funds

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a two-year capital budget plan on Friday.

The $2.6 billion budget included money for major local projects including the downtown Arcade, Dayton Art Institute, Boonshoft Museum and the new Funk Museum.

“The General Assembly and the governor stayed true to their word and efficiently passed a strong capital budget that invests in vital economic development and community priorities in the Dayton region. The Dayton area business community, Dayton area legislators and the administration were well-coordinated in a joint effort to ensure these important investments come to fruition,” said Phil Parker, president and CEO of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Here are local highlights of the budget by county:


Department of Natural Resources: Dayton Webster Station Landing, $200,000

Department of Natural Resources: Meadowbrook and Clayton Community Center Renovations, $100,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center, $100,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Dayton Society of Natural History Boonshoft Exhibit Space, $250,000

Credit: Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Credit: Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Dayton Art Institute Historic Stair and Hillside Preservation, $750,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Victoria Theater Arts Annex, $350,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Dayton Arcade Innovation Hub, $1,000,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Wright Factory Unit - Dayton, $175,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Kettering Rosewood Arts Center Renovation, $450,000

Central State University: Historic YWCA Dayton Building Renovation, $725,000

Wright State University: Dayton Children’s Hospital Center for Community Health and Advocacy Facility, $200,000 Sinclair Community College : Gem City Market, $200,000

Sinclair Community College: Southern Miami Valley Shared Community Fiber Network Project, $125,000

Sinclair Community College: Dayton Hope Center for Families, $725,000

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Dayton Regional Crisis Stabilization Unit and Detox Center, $800,000


Department of Natural Resources: Fairborn Fairfield Park Enhancements, $50,000

Department of Natural Resources: Clifton to Yellow Springs Bike Trail, $20,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Fairborn Military Veterans Memorial, $25,000

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Wright State University: Fairborn Fiber Expansion Project, $75,000

Clark State Community College: Greene County Career Center Take Flight Initiative, $850,000


Department of Agriculture: Warren County Fairgrounds Event Center, $400,000

Department of Natural Resources: Little Miami State Park / Little Miami Trail, $200,000

Department of Natural Resources: Mason Common Ground Park, $400,000

Department of Natural Resources: Lebanon Countryside YMCA Trail Realignment, $100,000

Department of Public Safety: Warren County Drug Task Force Headquarters, $500,000

Department of Rehabilitation and Correction: Warren County Jail Interceptor Center, $750,000

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Building Franklin’s Hope Project, $150,000


Department of Natural Resources: Piqua Great Miami River Trail Bridge Replacement Project, $300,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Bradford Rail Museum Tower Exhibits, $25,000

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Tri-County One Wellness Place Troy Facility, $450,000


Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Springfield Museum of Art Improvements $250,000

Clark State Community College: Springfield Downtown Parking Facility $800,000

Clark State Community College: Clark State Performing Arts Center and Conference Center, $400,000


Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Champaign Aviation Museum Work & Education Space $350,000


Department of Natural Resources: Voice of America Park Turf Fields, $350,000

Department of Natural Resources: Miami Canal Trail Extension at Gilmore MetroPark, $350,000

Department of Natural Resources: Monroe Crossings Park, $165,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Historic Sorg Opera House Renovation, $250,000

Miami University: Butler Tech Manufacturing Center, $200,000

Miami University: Middletown Regional Airport Aviation Workforce Training Center, $750,000

Miami University: Hillel Building Improvements $400,000


Department of Agriculture: Preble County Agricultural Facility Improvements, $50,000

Department of Natural Resources: Village of New Paris Community Park Splash Pad Development, $200,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Lewisburg Bicentennial Museum, $25,000

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission: Preble County Art Association Historic Renovation, $250,000


Department of Agriculture: Shelby County Agricultural Facility Improvements, $100,000

Department of Natural Resources: Redskin Memorial Park Playground, $145,000

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Sidney STAR Transitional Treatment House, $325,000


Department of Natural Resources: Versailles Poultry Days Ampitheater, $275,000

Department of Natural Resources: Greenville Parks Projects, $100,000

Edison Community College: Arcanum Butler Agricultural Education Initiative, $150,000


Department of Natural Resources: Grand Lake Shoreline Water Quality Improvements $250,000

Department of Natural Resources: New Bremen Bike Path $250,000

Department of Natural Resources: $100,000

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