City’s error means man gets land worth $340K

The city of Dayton transferred the deed of a 5-acre parcel with an assessed value of $340,000 that is targeted for development to a private company for just $650.

The property, located near Miami Valley Hospital, is the proposed site of new cottages, town homes and other housing, which are part of the Warren Street redevelopment project.

If the city wants the property back, it will have to pay a “fair” price, based on market value, said Eric Segalewitz, the deed’s new owner.

“I would like to mediate this with the city,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what I paid for it. It’s the value of the property.”

Aaron Sorrell, Dayton’s director of planning and community development, admitted the city erred, but questioned Segalewitz’s legal right to the land.

He said the city has no plan to fork over a big payout for administrative oversight.

“We’re not going to unduly enrich somebody for a mistake,” he said.

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