Local lawyer convicted in 2016 recommended for law reinstatement


The Supreme Court of Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has recommended the reinstatement of local lawyer Chris Bucio to the practice of law.

Bucio, 41, was convicted in Shelby County Common Pleas Court in November 2016 of felony unauthorized use of property involving land obtained from a Shelby County client. He was accused of taking 22 acres of farmland from the woman in payment for legal representation in 2010, selling the land and keeping the proceeds.

The woman was paid $97,767 restitution by Bucio as part of a settlement agreement just before his sentencing in 2017. He was sentenced to five years of community control and a $5,000 fine.

The Ohio Supreme Court Nov. 29, 2017, suspended Bucio from the practice of law in the state. The suspension was for an indefinite time.

Bucio was released early from the community control in 2018 by visiting Judge Timothy Campbell of Greene County, who said Bucio had been rehabilitated and there was no need for continued supervision.

Bucio’s law firm had offices in area communities including Troy, Tipp City, Greenville and Sidney. 

A hearing was held May 27 via video conferencing on Bucio’s request for reinstatement. The recommendation of the Board of Professional Conduct summarized that hearing during which Bucio and four others testified.

The testimony included information on Bucio’s employment with Skymesh Internet, a company providing internet serves to rural areas. The recommendation said Bucio rose to the position of CEO in that business. He also has worked part time for an Urbana attorney, doing legal research and writing but not having client contact.

Bucio also has been mentored by Karen Denise Bradley, an immigration attorney in the Dayton area, who testified he would have an associate position on reinstatement to practicing law, according to the recommendation document.

The recommendation also said numerous other attorneys wrote letters supporting Bucio’s efforts for reinstatement along with family and friends who talked of his becoming “more grounded, humbler and more spiritual.”

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