88th Air Base Wing at Wright-Patt undergoes base readiness assessment

Members of the 88th Air Base Wing participated in a base readiness assessment Oct. 7-11. Air Force Materiel Command requires twice a year to assess how well a military base would respond to short-notice, mass deployments.

Results are not out yet on how well the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base did, but this round came to Airmen who had weeks of training under their web belt.

The assessment began with a deployment processing line that assigned equipment and took care of the paperwork end of things. The line included issuing individual protective equipment and mission oriented protective posture (MOPP) gear that is worn over the top of the uniform with a gas mask to protect against chemical or biological agents.

After all Airmen had their respective gear, everything was stacked and palletized. Then came going through line after line of deployment paperwork, double-checking that each Airman was fit to fight and had everything in order before being sent downrange.

After a short break of a day in between came the boots-on-the-ground step – simulated exercise at the Warfighter Training Center on base. Once in place, Airmen had to fight the heat in MOPP gear, donning their gas masks multiple times during simulated chemical attacks. During this time, groups demonstrated how well they knew how to act in a chemically contaminated environment and still get things such as post attack and reconnaissance (PAR) checks done.

Those assigned to PAR teams would search for simulated unexploded ordinances or perform self-aid buddy care to simulated casualties while wearing double layers of protective clothing and trying to coordinate through a gasmask that muffled orders.

In other places Airmen also had to set up communication routes for the compound, monitor what level of chemical or biological contamination each area had and defend their compound against actors simulating enemy forces.

Results of the assessment will released in the following weeks.

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