Fairborn man’s basement fills with raw sewage after city pipe backs up

A man’s basement in Fairborn was covered in raw sewage Thursday after he says a drain started spewing the smelly substance onto the floor.

“We tried putting barriers up to try to corral all the water, but to no avail once the jets turned on, because it literally almost turned into a type of fountain,” said Tim Broughton.

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The city of Fairborn told News Center 7’s Monica Castro they did have a backup in one of its pipes on June Street in the city.

The plumber Broughton called contacted the city after discovering the issue, but city officials could not go into detail about what the exact issue was that caused the backup.

Broughton said the city told him the pipe was clogged.  The sewage, he said, was easily up to his ankles.

“It was a heck of a clog,” he said.  “They said it was due to mainly tissue paper, an excessive use of tissue paper.”

The Fairborn resident said the city also is working with him to file a claim and added that the city apologized for the issue.

Broughton said he expects to have some reconstruction work to do in the basement, but was able to save a lot of items.

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