Apache helicopters spend the night in Dayton area on way to New York

Courtesy/Steve Morrison

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Courtesy/Steve Morrison

Four Apache helicopters from a base in Texas thundered in to Dayton Wright Brothers Airport in Miamisburg on Tuesday night to refuel on their way to a base in New York, according to one of the pilots.

The pilot told Steve Morrison it should have taken about four hours to reach southern Montgomery County and another four hours to reach their destination in New York state.

The AH-64 Apache is a U.S. Army attack helicopter in service since 1984.

The pilots said they were staying in town Tuesday night and leaving in Wednesday morning because of daily flight restrictions.

They also said the cockpits are not comfortable, so the four-hour flight is sufficient.

The aircraft they’re flying are AH-64D or Deltas, estimated to have been built in the mid-2000s. The cost of those aircraft, when new, was about $30 million each.

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